The Most Important CRM Statistics of 2021

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The Most Important CRM Statistics of 2021
by Marketing


CRM statistics prove that CRM allows us all to stick to the digital transformation expectations the industry is booming with today. In 2021, sales and marketers need this to flourish. 


Discover top insights that this year, from a number of credited experts, salespeople and marketers can not afford to miss out on. This article contains information and statistics based on the CRM industry.


CRM ties into the wider image of your business plans in 2020, like CRM, an important role in the performance of your sales and marketing teams.



2021 CRM Statistics 


2020 crm statistics







  • 68% of consumers indicate that customer communities (like forums or chat rooms) will be more likely to be utilized frequently in 2020 [Walker]


  • CRM will overtake the data management market and become the largest of all software markets by 2020 [Conquerors Tech]








  • By 2020, 45% of organizations will have invested in AI to enhance CRM initiatives [Avaya]


  • The customer of 2020 will be more informed and in charge of the experience they receive [Walker]


  • In 2018, 56% of companies targeted their audiences based on CRM data such as purchase transactions, postal addresses, and customer service information.  This is expected to rise to 69% in 2020 [Salesforce]


  • Towards the end of 2019, 86% of customers were willing to pay 25% more for a better customer experience [Small Biz Genius]


  • CRM marketing will be worth $73 billion in 2020 [Infoholic]


  • 53% of readers are looking for a CRM that’s simple to use; by contrast, only 35% prefer a free CRM, a CRM with robust features (13%), or one with a visual pipeline tool (15%) [16 Game-changing CRM Statistics for 2020]




  • 53% of predicting customer behavior is among the most helpful uses of AI for just over half of companies [Avaya] 




  •  In 2008, only 12% of businesses used cloud-based CRM; this figure has now increased to 87%. In 2019 [ Software Advice]


  • In 2019, spending on software as a service (SaaS) will reach approximately $42 billion and represent 75% of total CRM spending [Gartner]




Statistics Encompassed


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The CRM industry has experienced remarkable growth. These statistics revealed that 91% of businesses with more than 11 employees now use CRM, compared to 50% of those with 10 or fewer employees. 


74% of users say CRM software has increased their access to customer data, improved profits, and have seen serious returns on their investment in CRM software. 


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