The Top 7 Inside Sales Technologies

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The Top 7 Inside Sales Technologies
by Anastasiia Dyshkant

The Top 7 Inside Sales Technologies


When many companies are fighting for leads, your business needs to do as much as possible to give your sales staff advantage. Knowing and having the right inside sales technologies can significantly improve the efficiency of the inside sales reps, which will enhance the company’s sales revenue. 


Here are seven types of inside sales technologies that will help your sales team fight off the competition and earn more money.



What are Inside Sales?


According to Investopedia, inside sales mean the sale of products or services by personnel who reach customers through phone, email, or the internet. Other ways to define inside sales are “remote sales” or “virtual sales.”


Inside sales representatives usually work in a shared office environment with a team of other inside sales colleagues – making their role different from the face-to-face selling model followed by outside sales representatives at the company locations of their clients.


Inside sales have the following benefits:


  • Make the most of technical tools to improve cost-efficiency
  • More time for ancillary sales
  • Predictability of sales
  • Specialized roles possibility
  • Better opportunities for collaboration and coaching
  • Greater scalability
  • Possibility of adapting to a changing buyer demographic


Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales


Any sales team can use inside sales, but it is one of B2B’s top sales models, especially SaaS and tech. 


There’s a common misconception that is finally beginning to fade that selling inside is just telemarketing. There could not be anything further from the truth. 


The distinction lies in the fact that it scripts telemarketing. Anybody can do that, even a computer. Nonetheless, inside sales need a professional salesperson. This can be accomplished by phone, by Skype, by email or by web conference. 


Inside sales are sales made, remotely, by a professional salesman.


Outside sales often require a great deal of travel, flexibility, and emotional intelligence. Outside sales representatives usually deal with more substantial and more costly accounts and products than inside sales reps.



Top 7 Inside Sales Technologies


inside sales technologies

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


The best CRM software provides you with an overall view of all your sales activities and will help you keep on top of your pipeline. An excellent CRM program will most significantly equip you with the vital knowledge and organizational resources you need to manage relationships more effectively, which is at the root of qualified sales within the business.


According to the 2016 Sales Study from LinkedIn, 70% of sales professionals believe that relationship-building tools have a meaningful impact on their ability to grow revenues.


Inside Sales Technologies: Sales Automation Tools


Sales software often provides tools for automation. Sales automation takes various activities off the selling process to free up precious reps time. 


Automation tools simplify complex reps activities such as prospecting, lead enhancement, communication and deal building, email, arranging meetings, and creating proposals.


Sales automation systems and software streamline repetitive, time-consuming tasks to free up time to concentrate on what you hired sales representatives to do: generate revenue. 


Exact numbers illustrate the advantages of the sales automation systems. The research has shown that sales automation tools reduce marketing overhead by 12.2% and increase sales productivity by 14.5%.



Sales calling and auto-dialer


Sales call and call tracking software provides reps tools for placing and capturing calls directly from their phones, automatically logging calls, and generating email digests and notifications to communicate with team members. 


Inside sales tend to connect via a phone call with most of their clients. Therefore, it is essential to have a sophisticated auto-dialer or predictive dialer to source more opportunities and close deals effectively. 


A smart dialer increases the sales rep’s efficiency by reducing manual effort and calling out a prospect at best possible time. A dialer increases the likelihood of a customer picking up the call with functionalities such as local area code systems, consequently increasing connection speeds.


Inside Sales Technologies: Social selling tools


Social selling means using various tools that interact with social media to create, grow, and maintain relationships. If it’s a social media management platform or messaging system built directly into Facebook or LinkedIn, both of these tools help social selling professionals accept. 


When making buying decisions, social media is what the clients use for analysis. By mastering social selling strategies, your team will bring more customers in front, create more selling opportunities, and influence their decisions.


According to a study of B2B buyers by Harvard Business Review, 53% of buyers turn to social media for assessing tools and technologies and when making a final selection.


Reporting tools & dashboards


To create a productive internal selling process, you need to keep a close eye on the related metrics and learn how to gain actionable information from all the data collected by your selling organization.


Keep in mind that it is not enough simply to monitor all the data points within a program. What matters, even more, is that you can quickly and easily produce those reports. Often the best way of extracting meaningful insights is to slice up the data in various ways.


Sales reporting software helps track a range of personalized metrics and data points for the sales managers and staff. The team can track their collective and individual successes, areas for change, working sales strategies, and modification-needed sales tactics.


Screen sharing tool  and online meeting software


Through a screen-sharing tool, sales reps can share everything that is currently visible on their computer with their customers. This tool can share screen graphics, maps, pictures, audio, video, with potential clients to add a visual display in real-time to improve the credibility of the information.


By sharing their desktop with clients and prospects, the availability of online meeting tools such as GoToMeeting and WebEx allows the salespeople to hold and host a meeting at any time.


Inside Sales Technologies: Competitive analysis tools


It’s a challenge for any salesperson to locate untouched high-value accounts. Of this purpose, competitive analytical programs such as Datanyze are the key to improving your team. By taking a look at your valuable existing accounts, Datanyze will immediately create a model that will find similar unused accounts. 


With their massive consumer database, you’ll have a list of potentially high-value customers that you’re likely to purchase. This comparative predictive analysis allows the team to invest less research time and more selling time.




The sales team is the company’s lifeblood. If they don’t perform well, sales will decline. In giving your sales team access to the seven above-described innovations, your sales team and your organization will have a massive advantage over the competition to tip the performance scales.


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