Top 10 CRM Features for Small Business

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Top 10 CRM Features for Small Business
by Anastasiia Dyshkant


Small businesses and startups alike require rigorous effort, serious concentration, and unrelenting commitment. Unlike corporate-sized companies, small business owners need extra organization and a specific set of features in their CRM. 


Now, which CRM is best for small businesses? If you need that question answered first, read about the 7 best CRMs for startups here


If you have your CRM picked out, great! But apart from the name, the most important thing is its features. Some CRMs have plenty of bells and whistles, which works for many. The things you need to look out for are 10 features specifically, that enhance the work and functionality of the small business.  




Why does a small business need a CRM platform? 



Just one simple statistic that tells a lot. Last year SuperOffice found out that overall CRM usage increased from 56% to 74%. Broken down this statistic showed that 91% of businesses with over 11 employees now use CRM, compared to 50% of those with 10 employees or less.


Can you imagine?


We are in the age of automation. Manually inputting data, sequences, or workflows wastes time that could be spent growing your business. 


So these are the top 10 CRM features that small businesses need in order to accelerate their process, grow, and become profitable.  




Top 10 CRM  Features for Small Business



Small Business CRM Feature 1: Contact Management


important crm features for small business

For startups, the best CRM has to have an efficient contact management system. That means the CRM software has an address book that organizes contact details for your customer. You have to be able to edit your contacts so that you can store personal details and profiles, interactions, and purchases.



Small Business CRM Feature 2: Tracking Customer Interaction


important crm features for small business

A key component in optimizing consumer experience is monitoring customer experiences and understanding consumers’ journeys with your brand. CRM contains far more than just the simple contact information connected to each contact. It can store a ton of information that helps you and your employees communicate better with consumers and offer more value, equating a favorable experience.



Small Business CRM Feature 3: Automation


important crm features for small business

Automation doesn’t only save you time and money, it’s a simple and effective way to deliver messages to clients without the possibility of human error to interfere. With CRM, notifications are automatically added to previous activities and prompt responses to ensure that the correct follow-up action, request, or contact is taken in the future. 



Small Business CRM Feature 4: Affordable Pricing


important crm features for small business

Small businesses always want to save money and seek out the most cost-effective option. It doesn’t have to be costly for CRM apps, in reality, it can be very inexpensive if you select the appropriate one. CRM software also offers tools to help organizations cut extra expenses, which can save you money in the long term.


Small Business CRM Feature 5: Lead Management


important crm features for small business

Lead management lets you see the leads and handle them from beginning to end. It enables you to see the process from being a prospective lead to being a conversion for your customers. 


Lead management can save you and your business a lot of time because it can do admin tasks like follow-up emails and contact forms automatically.


Lead-managed CRM systems help you determine how well your company is doing. Lead management also benefits the sales team as it means they don’t have to follow up or monitor their sales manually.



Small Business CRM Feature 6: Social Media Management


important crm features for small business

If you want to reach your marketing data in one place, combining your social media platforms with your CRM is a perfect strategy. This feature lets you connect your CRM to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media networks. 


CRM social media management also lets you post, respond, and control your platforms on social media. Using your CRM to stay up to date with your new product including your latest likes, comments, and mentions on social media. Find out more about the best social CRM in 2020.




Small Business CRM Feature 7: Easy to Use


important crm features for small business

CRM software should be intuitive and user-friendly. You will also have tools for customization. Your CRM tool should provide a wide variety of applications, but still, it should be fast and convenient to use. 


Integration is a core aspect of the CRM framework. It needs to be combined seamlessly with other devices. It will work with your other tools, integrating data to achieve the best results.



Small Business CRM Feature 8: Customer Segmentation


important crm features for small business

These days, digital marketers and sales teams are all about segmenting a specific customer. Not only is this useful for personalization activities, but it also breaks down prospects into various categories, such as how big the deal is, where they are located, and so on. This brings a little more emphasis to the sales team.



Small Business CRM Feature 9: Sales Analytics and Reporting


important crm features for small business

A CRM tool helps a company keep track of all sales-related events and improve revenue. CRM software has automation and forecasting features that help to determine leads of high quality. It collects data, too, and centralizes it into one dashboard.


It will also help you by documenting many key metrics including calls made, deals sold, and so on, in tracking sales efficiency. This is of particular use to control the sales pipeline. It will speed up the sales processes and offer a personalized experience to customers for every point of interaction.



Small Business CRM Feature 10: Customer Support


important crm features for small business

Every great CRM has to have perfect customer support. Since most small businesses don’t have their own software or IT support, it’s nice to have a platform that provides enough help to get you up and running and help you quickly fix any problems.


Customer service is a fantastic tool for non-tech-savvy folks. Nonetheless, most CRM systems are user-friendly. Unpredictable problems arise and it is always a good idea to have customer service to rely on if things go wrong.




To Wrap Up


It can be difficult to select the right CRM for a small company, as there are so many choices and you have only a minimal budget. 


Yet for startups and small businesses, the best CRM is the one that has all the features listed above. Focus on the CRM quest on sites providing sales, marketing, digital commerce, customer support, and field services solutions.


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