Top 5 Challenges of CRM Data Migration

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Top 5 Challenges of CRM Data Migration
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Top 5 challenges of CRM data migration are expected. Data migration challenges are expected when it comes to moving your data from one solution to another. These challenges usually cause lengthy delays and headaches for you and your team.


Unfortunately, not a lot of executives are well-prepared on how to handle data migration. Your customer data is precious. Put it in the hands of the experts to avoid potential challenges of data migration by using Trujay’s Custom-Designed Migration Service.


top 5 challenges of CRM data migration



5 Challenges of Data Migration 



Challenge 1: Lack of Strategy and Planning


Data migration is a process that is highly strategic. Before proceeding with a migration, be sure to strengthen your business processes to promote your migration project. Will you simplify your processes after a breakup or acquisition, or has your company actually been dealing with a content surplus?


When you don’t wrap your mind around clear strategic priorities, the migration would be inefficient and confusing. When you define your data migration strategy, you’ll have to take into account the various challenges of data migration that your company can face.


1.1 Customizing your project 


With Trujay’s Custom Migration Service, you’ll have a detailed overview from the beginning by a dedicated, personal account manager. The idea here is for you to see your entire dataset in a simple way, i.e. what objects you’re using, how many records per object, and how many custom fields.


You’ll be provided with a detailed report that will estimate the hours to execute the migration, along with the expected timeline and pricing


During the review, you can describe your business needs and requirements as well as the things you don’t need to migrate. From there, we can simplify the scope and begin mapping objects and their related fields



top 5 challenges of CRM data migration



Challenge 2: Source Data Complexity


Take into account the concept of data normalization. If you have spent several years using the same CRM system, your company might keep the same data stored in a variety of different locations. You have to find all the places where one piece of data is stored, and make sure that it is stored in the right place. 


Our tech engineers cache your data and build your mapping interface, delete and/or even merge fields. You can do mapping on your own or with the help of your account manager. 


While data verifying, we grab a subset of data from your database and push it into the target CRM with the mapping logic and any other custom requests to verify what it looks like on the other side. 


Typically, we do one sample test of data. Every dataset is unique, so it can vary. Moreover, we can perform data cleansing and customized object placement.



Challenge 3: Understanding the Limitations of What Can and Can’t be Moved


There are times where migrating certain objects for certain CRMs are not possible. Knowing what data can and can’t be moved is critical to an effective migration. An expert that knows various CRM systems can tell you those limitations before a project begins. 


A good example is that we can’t migrate Emails from ZohoCRM because the system only reads the emails from the email server and don’t store it in their CRM. Therefore, there’s nothing for us to extract. 


Another example is if we migrate from HubSpot to HubSpot, we can’t migrate data into their ‘marketing intelligence’ fields because these are read-only and are set by the system.  It’s these kinds of limitations that are based on the CRMs functionality, not our system. So, when you’re migrating with Trujay, make sure you understand what can and what cannot be moved from one CRM to another. Your dedicated account manager will tell you everything you need to know when it comes to this. 


top 5 challenges of CRM data migration



Challenge 4: Data Loss


Another challenge of data migration is data loss. Any loss of data or corruption can be a serious problem. If you lose even one record, your organization could get hurt. The Trujay team will help prevent any unforeseen problems with your data migration that could lead to data loss or corruption.


You will be informed before the data migration process begins on how many records are brought in and how many records we produce in the new system.


We assist in monitoring the veracity of each field of data. If something goes wrong, no need to be concerned. We can go back in and fix it, it may just take some extra time.


top 5 challenges of CRM data migration



Challenge 5: The Complete Testing and Validating of Data


Once all the data has been moved, we’ll test the results using a mirror of the production environment. Concerning the migration results-validation with key business users, it’s recommended to test destination systems with migrated data.


Rarely can you find an IT team that can afford testing and quality assurance, but Trujay provides its customers with a quality check and helps avoid this particular challenge of data migration. 


We have a QA team that is dedicated to this very task: to check the quality and the right placement of all data. This team stays on for two weeks after the migration has been completed and checks for errors against the mapping as well as the associations between all objects.


top 5 challenges of CRM data migration



Custom Conclusion


Choosing Trujay’s Custom-Designed Migration Service avoids numerous data migration challenges and reveals excellent outcomes. We pointed out the main data migration challenges you may face, and now its time to resolve those issues. 


Migrate your data with Trujay today. If you have any questions, you can contact our experts. 


For more information on other services we offer, such as Self-Service Migrations or Onboardings, we’re happy to help.