Top 8 HubSpot Integrations for 2021

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Top 8 HubSpot Integrations for 2021
by Marketing

Article updated on June 9, 2021. 


No CRM can do it all, nor should it try. Adding too many features would create confusion (and an endless dashboard!). It’s better to strike a balance between functionality and usability, and HubSpot does just that. It ranks consistently as one of the most comprehensive yet user-friendly CRMs on the market.


If you need a feature that’s outside their wheelhouse, the HubSpot Ecosystem offers over 500 integrations. Every app tests rigorously to ensure seamless integration with the HubSpot platform.


With hundreds of integrations, you’re spoilt for choice when building your tech stack. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve analyzed reviews and marketing trends to deliver the Eight Best HubSpot Integrations for 2021. 



NeverBounce – Email Verification and List Cleaning


High email bounce rates have the natural consequence of landing your domain on a blacklist. The best way to avoid this is making email list cleaning a best practice for all outgoing emails.

NeverBounce provides a real-time email verification and list cleaning service directly integrated with HubSpot to drive high conversion for email campaigns. Its 20+ step proprietary cleaning process ensures 99% deliverability, helping your campaigns reach actual recipients.



Drift – Conversational Marketing




Companies spend big bucks attracting visitors to their websites. But getting clicks isn’t enough–you want leads and conversions too. A popup is one way of getting contact info. But coming on too strong can turn prospects off. Why not coax the information you want with a bit of friendly conversation? 


The Drift chatbot will welcome customers and guide them throughout your site. The sophisticated, fully customizable bot can field questions, make suggestions, and even slip in a few lead-qualifying inquiries of its own. 


Ever had a brainless bot followed you around a site asking the same questions? The Drift chatbot knows better. It remembers each interaction with the customer, ensuring a customized encounter every time they visit. 



Drift Integration with HubSpot


Once the Drift bot qualifies a lead, it creates a contact record in HubSpot and assigns them to a sales rep. Drift’s email Enrichment feature can autofill any missing fields. Got a repeat visitor that’s being coy about their contact details? The Reveal feature can run a reverse IP lookup to find their company information. 


Chat transcripts are automatically pushed over as a Timeline Event in HubSpot, ensuring the sales team seamlessly continues the conversation. Your business is ready to nurture the prospect through every step of the buyer journey between bot and human. 


Integrates with HubSpot Features: Contacts, Timeline Events, Content, Forms



Promo – Video Creation Platform




1.3 seconds. That’s how much time people spend on a post as they scroll through social media. You have a little more time to get your foot in the door with web content–7 seconds. Grab your audience’s attention and make those seconds count with Promo’s video creation app. 


Videos have five times more impact than still photographs. But you can’t just slap any content into video form and expect it to sell. Luckily, Promo sources its content from professional videographers, musicians, and designers. Its production values are unmatched by any rival video maker. 


The Promo library boasts over 15 million clips, templates, and soundtracks. With that much variety, you’ll never run the risk of looking like one of your competitors. Without any video editing experience, you can weave the original, visual story of your brand.



Promo Integration with HubSpot


Once you make a video with Promo, you can add it to the HubSpot File Manager and publish it across all platforms. As an added convenience, Promo can size your video to each platform’s technical requirements. 


Integrates with HubSpot features: 1:1 Video Creation; CMS Membership



Better Proposals – Online Proposal Software


Why should marketing get all the fun tools? With Better Proposals, your sales team can build beautiful, impactful proposals. The online tool is user-friendly, and out-of-the-box templates let you draft a proposal quickly. Alternatively, you can also create your template from scratch. Easily save your submissions and recycle them, or mix and match the best elements of your work.


Better Proposals also offers a live chat integration so that you can accommodate a client’s changes on-the-go. Once you’ve sent the final draft, customers can seal the deal with a digital signature. There’s also an integrated payment option so that you can do everything from a single platform. 


Integrate Better Proposals with HubSpot


You can pull contact details and company information from your HubSpot Contacts. Then sync your proposal with a Deal to incorporate all the client notes when writing it up. HubSpot will also send a notification whenever a deal is opened, signed, or paid for, creating total transparency.

Integrates with HubSpot features: Contacts, Deals



Shopify – eCommerce


Shopify is the go-to platform for eCommerce. It offers an intuitive dashboard of existing orders, product inventory, and customers. In addition to creating an effortless shopping experience, it collects store data such as purchase history, abandoned carts, returned items, and more. 



Integrate Shopify with HubSpot


The best way to get a customer’s attention is to deliver a unique, individual proposition. Combine Shopify’s sales data with HubSpot’s inbound marketing tools to create targeted and timely appeals. 


For email campaigns, you can segment customers into three eCommerce workflows within HubSpot:


  • New Customer Workflow: The nurturing process doesn’t stop after a customer makes a purchase. Continue the relationship with a series of onboarding emails.


  • Abandoned Cart Workflow: Remind prospects to place an order or entice them with a deal


  • Re-engagement Workflow: Reach out to folks you haven’t seen in a while with a friendly hello, or a special promo offer



Open and click rates are essential. However, the accurate measure of success is the ROI. The HubSpot Performance tab incorporates sales data from Shopify, displaying the amount of revenue each email campaign brought in. 


The eCommerce dashboard displays Shopify data such as order snapshot, average order value, lifetime order value, and monthly customer net gains. You can have an eye on the financial health of your online shop without ever leaving HubSpot.


Integrates with HubSpot features: Contact Activity, Deals, Email Templates, Calls-to-action, Custom Reporting, Workflows.



Seventh Sense – Email Optimization


The average office worker receives over 44,000 emails a year. In a sea of communication, how can your business stand out? 



Fix Your Timing With Seventh Sense


After painstakingly creating a custom email, many marketers take a gunshot approach to delivery. Or they schedule email campaigns around their convenience. But the timing of your launch should be just as personalized as your content.  


Think about this morning. Did you login to find a crush of marketing emails? That’s nobody’s priority at the start of a workday. When the timing is off, even your favorite brands sink like stones in your inbox.


Seventh Sense can time your emails to send when customers are most likely to open and engage with the content. Don’t worry–the schedules aren’t based on industry averages. Instead, AI combs through all of the open and click email data you have stored in HubSpot,  generating a unique program for every business and every customer.  Seventh Sense’s AI tool can also optimize frequency. Some customers prefer a weekly email, while others require a lighter touch. By timing it right, you can increase email opens by 7-25%.



Seventh Sense Integration With HubSpot


A schedule of top response times integrates into the client’s contact record. HubSpot can then trigger emails to send at the appropriate time. Once your leads migrate to sales, the team can quickly consult the schedule and pick the right time to make a call. 



Integrates with HubSpot features Email Scheduling, Email Marketing, Contacts, Workflows, Lists, A/B Testing.



Dear Lucy – Real-Time Dashboards for Sales


Ditch the complicated reporting systems, and embrace simplicity with Dear Lucy. After working with hundreds of teams, they’ve built the dashboards your sales department needs. Dear Lucy, pulls your sales metrics from HubSpot to create highly visual displays, such as:



Live Sales Forecasts


Dear Lucy makes forecasts in real-time. You can easily compare monthly sales against your goals and see how your numbers compare with the same period last year.



On-track Goals


Monthly goals break down further into daily goals. You can set goals across several metrics such as revenue, hit rate, offer base, and more. The display couldn’t be more simple, with green and red colors indicating whether you’re on target or falling short. 





Most sales teams are motivated by a little healthy competition. You can showcase your leaderboard on the office big screen.



Interactive Drill-Down


Simplicity is great, but sometimes you need to dig deeper into the data. You can click on Dear Lucy’s graphs to get more detailed information such as:


  • Which accounts made up our monthly sales?
  • Which accounts do we currently have in the pipeline, and to who are they assigned?
  • Which accounts were lost this month?



Dear Lucy Integration with HubSpot


Dear Lucy uses all of HubSpot’s sales metrics and translates them into simple yet powerful dashboards. 


Integrates with HubSpot features: Deals, Reporting Dashboards.


Aloware – Contact Center


Manually contacting every lead and turning them into revenue is a time-consuming process. With Aloware’s contact center solution, you can automate your sales process based on customer activities. It’s also a cloud-based solution; therefore, you can get to run your sales operations from any location. Their subscription plans include text-enabled lines and unlimited minutes for your entire team.

Aloware Integration with Hubspot



Integrating HubSpot with Aloware offers instant syncing of contact data from calls or messages and workflow automation. Every time you need to make a call or run text campaigns, all the conversations will be automatically saved to the CRM. You can use this data to set communication triggers for your workflow automation on Hubspot.

This outstanding integration also lets you manage your leads and deals inside Hubspot. Aloware built a sales dialer and SMS messenger within the CRM platform so you can instantly engage with your contacts without having to switch tabs. Alternatively, this 2-way syncing allows all your CRM data to be saved now on your Aloware app, so you can use the Power Dialer to call your contacts all at once.

Customizing HubSpot With Integrations


HubSpot integrations can help you meet your business goals as you grow. If you’re missing any functionality within HubSpot, you’re bound to find the tool you need in their ecosystem of add-ons. HubSpot adds dozens of new integrations each month, ensuring you’ll never run out of new bells and whistles to add to your CRM platform.