Top Marketing CRM Tools and How to Find the Right Fit

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Top Marketing CRM Tools and How to Find the Right Fit
by Marketing

This article was updated on March 30, 2021.


CRM, a.k.a customer relationship management, is a form of software that helps businesses collect, organize, and analyze customer data to build better relationships. You can track customers across every touchpoint to ensure they have a meaningful and satisfying interaction with your brand. Housing data in one place also gives you a better understanding of your audience to market smarter. Now, what about marketers? Does a marketing CRM exist for their vast world?





Choosing the Right CRM Tool


With so many CRM platforms on the market, it’s hard to know where to begin. Standard selection criteria include scalability, cost, and user interface. But it’s also important to ask yourself: What problem am I trying to solve? We’ll go through three of the most common pain points for marketers and advise you of the best CRM solution.





PROBLEM: You’re not getting enough web traffic 


There’s a joke among online marketers: Where’s the best place to hide a body? On the second page of Google’s search results. 


Second-page results get only 6% of all website clicks. And sites landing on the third SERP and beyond? They’re virtually invisible. 


Roughly 1.5 billion websites get no traffic from the search engine. That means you’re not alone if you’re not getting Google’s attention. But if people aren’t reading your content, you’re spending precious time and resources shouting into the digital ether.  



SOLUTION: HubSpot Marketing CRM


HubSpot pioneered inbound marketing back in 2006, and they’ve spent the last 14 years turning it into an art form. Their marketing CRM helps you create content that appeals to both readers and search engines. Some of the notable features include:   



Content Marketing


It’s no longer enough to produce content. To stand out in a saturated market, you need a content strategy. HubSpot provides you with a blueprint for topic clusters. This strategy gives structure to your site and connects topics in a way that makes sense to both readers and web crawlers. They also offer templates for creating premium content (e.g., eBooks, white papers, webinars) that converts.


On-screen keyword research directs you to the topics people are searching for. You also receive monthly performance metrics to focus your efforts on the content and platforms with the most significant ROI. 



Landing Pages


Use HubSpot’s drag-and-drop tool to create polished and useful landing pages. The templates let you launch pages quickly and deliver a consistent, identifiable look for your brand. You can also set parameters, so the content changes based on viewing the page, ensuring a personalized call to action. 



Social Media 


There are 3.2 billion people on social media globally. Help them discover your brand with a consistent stream of content. With HubSpot, you can create posts, tweets, and Instagram images in bulk, then make an automated publishing schedule. 


With the social listening tool, you can track posts about your business and join the conversation. Appease disgruntled customers in real-time, and find and share the positive posts. 





The page performance tool gives you optimization advice as you type. HubSpot will also alert you to any off-page SEO problems, such as slow loading times, broken links, and missing meta descriptions. 



PROBLEM: You need help capturing and nurturing new leads


Lead generation is a continuous process. Marketers can never rest on their laurels. To grow a business, you must find evermore leads. On top of this, today’s consumer has more choice than ever. It’s a real challenge to reel them in, warm them up, and deliver them to sales. 





Zoho CRM consistently ranks as one of the best all-around CRMs. But their suite of lead generation tools is where they shine. This CRM helps marketers with:





Create tailored, no-code web forms and surveys. You can A/B test your forms to see which get the most conversions and identify troublesome fields where visitors tend to fall off. Data captured in forms will automatically export to your sales team’s contacts. 



Lead Scoring


Maybe you’ve launched a successful marketing campaign, and your sales team is overrun with leads! ZOHO CRM can help prioritize prospects with a scoring system. The sales department sets the criteria and can assign both positive and negative scoring conditions. For example, an unanswered phone call may deduct a certain number of points, while an opened email adds points. You can also weight scoring categories according to how well they fit your buyer persona. ZOHO then sorts and ranks them. The customer records for hot leads sit at the top.





Multichannel marketing has changed the customer journey dramatically. It’s no longer a straight and narrow path. Instead, it’s become a complex web of touchpoints: social media, websites, email, SMS, telephone, and chat boxes. ZOHO pulls them all together in one place through its SalesSignals feature. You get real-time notifications every time someone interacts with your brand on any channel. You can respond to them from within the same window, no need to toggle between platforms.





ZOHO offers an AI-powered assistant named Zia, which can automatically enrich leads. Give her your prospect’s name, and she’ll search the web to find additional data, such as company size, job role, address, and phone number. Zia can also suggest the best time to reach out to leads by analyzing behavior such as when each client opens emails, visits your website, or answers a phone call. 



PROBLEM: You need to automate your marketing processes


We’d all rather spend time nurturing our creative spark instead of leads. But for many marketers, the day is dominated by repetitive and uninspiring tasks.





Agile CRM offers a full marketing automation suite so you can focus on core business activities. Some of their most helpful tools include:



Email drip campaigns


You can create a series of marketing emails that automatically send according to a schedule or a set of conditions you define. Examples include:


  • Welcome messages


  • Return visitors


  • Abandoned carts


  • Customer anniversaries


  • Premium content subscriptions and more


Once you write the scripts for these emails, your work is done. Agile will time their delivery according to your parameters. 


Any contact information stored in Agile’s records is automatically pulled into the email, creating a personalized touch. Don’t have an email? If you have a first and last name plus company, Agile’s email finder will source the address for you. 



Mobile Marketing


Research shows that people are 35 times more likely to open mobile messages than email. Agile’s mobile marketing feature allows you to send automated, personalized notifications via SMS.  



Web Rules


Agile CRM inserts a tracking code that follows visitors around your website. You can then set up “web rules” based on their behavior. Anytime a visitor satisfies a particular condition, it will trigger an automated response. For example, if a visitor lingers on a product page, Agile can automatically send them a demo video. As a user moves their cursor to exit the page, it can trigger a promotional pop-up to rope them back in.



Other Digital Tools for Marketers: CRM Integrations 


integrate together


Perhaps your business is already committed to a CRM. There are many digital marketing tools you can integrate with your CRM or use as stand-alone products.



Unbounce – Landing Page Builder


Drag-and-drop your way to a professional landing page with Unbounce. Unlike other page builder tools, Unbounce doesn’t box in your creativity. The unstructured editor allows you to choose your elements and drop them anywhere on the page. 


Unbounce offers more than creative control. The Smart Traffic feature uses your visitors’ location, device, search terms, and other analytics so you can make the right pitch at the right time. 


Vidyard – Video Marketing Platform


Video marketing is more impactful, memorable, and perhaps most importantly, shareable than other mediums.  But to create the custom content viewers want, you need to know more than the number of views. Vidyard’s advanced analytics let you peer behind the screen to see:


  • Attention span data
  • Video views by volume 
  • Video views by month, quarter, or year
  • Total click-through rate
  • Link click-through rate


These metrics give potent insights into how viewers engage with your content. Vidyard can also embed forms on your videos to gather contact information and other details.



Lucky Orange – Conversion Optimization Suite


Lucky Orange is a highly visual tool that provides insight into how visitors interact with your site. Heat maps let you see the level of user engagement in real-time. The app also records people as they move through the site. You can identify any problems in your website’s UI as well as when and where your prospects bounce. These behavioral metrics can also be viewed on the Lucky Orange dashboard. 


Lucky Orange also lets you create polls to engage visitors while they’re on-page. Time them to pop up as visitors leave the site or navigate to a specific page. 





Leadfeeder sets itself apart from competitors by using a tracking script to identify people and companies coming to your site. You don’t need them to volunteer the info through forms or email signups. You can also set-up instant notifications for when a coveted account visits your site.



Build Better Campaigns and Better Relationships With a Marketing CRM


As much as we marketers enjoy the creative process, we have to remember our endgame-more leads and more customers. CRM software gives you the data and tools you need to create campaigns that convert. And with the CRM’s holistic approach to each customer, you can create personalized touchpoints that build lasting and profitable relationships with clients.


Looking to export your data to any of these CRMs? Contact us or read a success story to see how we do it.