Trujay Adds Tag & Ticket Entities in Data Migration

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Trujay Adds Tag & Ticket Entities in Data Migration
by Anastasiia Dyshkant

An entity is used to model and manage business data in CRM. 


Contacts, Cases, Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, Activities, etc. belong to entities that hold data records. A CRM entity is equivalent to a database table. For example, a Contact entity would hold Contact records, a Case entity would hold Case records, and so on.

Tag/Ticket entities


You can have both: out-of-the-box entities and custom entities. 


For example, assume you are attempting to keep up with the company data your customers have a deal with. To do this, you will use the out-of-the-box Contacts entity to store customer data. But where would you store the company data? 

There’s no entity you can use to store company data. You will create a new custom entity called Companies and relate it to the existing Contacts entity.


Trujay includes a wide range of entities such as Account, Attachment, Call, Campaign, Case, Contact, Email, Opportunity, etc. 


Now, Trujay has two new entities: Tag and Ticket. The Tag entity already existed on several platforms. The Ticket entity is a recent development for HubSpot CRM.


Tag/Ticket entity


By creating this, we ensure that the migration process is more convenient and multifunctional for our customers.