Trujay Achieves Impressive NPS Rating

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Trujay Achieves Impressive NPS Rating
by Ivan Karp


We got a little education

We all hear a good amount about the Net Promoter Score model these days. The Trujay team founded our company with a keen focus to drive high customer satisfaction, so we knew we eventually wanted to implement the survey tool to help us guide the company in the right direction. We found out recently the NPS doesn’t really use a simplistic ‘0 to 100′ type of model. The model goes from -100 to positive 100, and if you are in positive numbers then it is considered a good thing, and if you are over a ’30’ it is considered a high score.


Score results

We recently launched the survey using a new partner, AskNicely and were very happy to see our results come in at ’80’. Higher than Apple, Netflix, Disney – but we don’t really compete with those companies. Turns out that the average scores are in the 30s and 40s for many industries. So, we are doing quite well for being such a young company, but what does it say about us and how does this tool help us grow the company?


A low score can be negative and a high score starts at ’30’. Trujay is at ’80’.


What we are doing right

Our services team knows a thing or two about data. They call themselves wizards and we lovingly call them nerds. Really, they are quite literally experts at executing quality data migrations, system integrations, navigating the complications involved with best practices for CRM and Marketing Automation and ERP systems, and reviewing APIs to see what can and can’t be done. Our customers are very comfortable that we have the experience to do these projects well, with a special skill set that is not easy to find.

We know many of the leading CRM, MA, and ERP SaaS systems. HubSpot, Marketo, and NetSuite are leading SaaS systems where the model and process of how data is to be migrated or integrated is greatly enhanced with our deep knowledge of the systems. Even projects where we are required to learn a new system receive high ratings as the services team will dive into the new system to make sure they can drive a seamless data migration/integration.

Maybe even more importantly, our team cares that the customer is happy. They take it personally in many cases and want to make sure the customer gets a quality project completed in the time desired. This means we take on some aspects of a project that we don’t have to, including working extra hours with our many software partners to report and resolve bugs and recommend new features. Our NPS results show that our customers did not blame us for software issues but rather appreciated our help and support in helping them navigate through them, as they are inevitable.


What we can do better

We are happy with this score, but we are not perfect. The survey will be used to improve our services. We already know that implementing a better account management model is something that will help our customers, as well as our services team. We are in the process of executing this presently. In addition, we are crafting a better reporting model for our customers to ensure the current status of their project is shared at all times.

Trujay plans on expanding the survey to ask more questions over time and complete full debriefs after each project to refine and standardize our model. Obviously, some elements are working very well here, and if we can capture the core and educate our team as we build the company, then it will help us deliver future success.

Trujay’s focus on quality solutions

The company will continue our Net Promoter survey program and use the results to drive our quality to the next level. We know many of our partners want to see that we are adding value to their software and solutions, and we will continue to deliver in the best way possible.

For additional reading on the survey and what the scores mean – What is NPS!