Trujay Selected as Best Tool for Migrating to Salesforce

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Trujay Selected as Best Tool for Migrating to Salesforce
by Marketing

Recently lauded the “best tool for migrating to or from Salesforce,” Trujay landed among ZDnet‘s “pick of services” to fight cloud-based lock-in and allow migration to other cloud-based providers.


Cloud vendors often change policies and pricing causing “lock-in” due to cloud reliance. Once a company is entirely reliant on the cloud, it creates challenges to switch providers.


Cloud-based applications on the rise


Author David Gewirtz (DIY-It Columnist) suggests “organizations used an average of 80 cloud applications in 2020, up from 16 just three years before. With this level of investment on cloud-based services, both users and companies will want to move from cloud service to cloud service.”



migration to or from salesforce


In his selection of Trujay as the premier migration choice when migrating data to or from Salesforce, Gewirtz identifies over 180 supported CRM platforms, Trujay’s additional backup and export services, and the Wizard Migration Tool’s free sample as key factors. Trujay’s Wizard Migration tool offers both a self-service or guided approach to data migration.


The Wizard’s intuitive self-service solution is broken down into several key steps, with Trujay’s customer success team a click of a button away. The Wizard’s full-service solution starts at $199 but does not require a credit card to trial its features. This allows users to run a sample import and see how they like the service before committing.


Migrating to or from Salesforce with ease


“Trujay supports an absolutely mind-boggling number of CRM systems. CRM data is notoriously difficult to migrate because every vendor implements relationships between companies and individuals and their roles differently. But Trujay has a migration wizard that allows you to choose your source and destination CRM and then run the migration,” Gewirtz states in the article.


With the added value of Trujay’s free Health Assessment, the migration guru is at the head of its class for businesses completing their migration to or from Salesforce.




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