Trujay’s Integration Service is Now IntegrateHQ: Middleware Built Specifically for HubSpot

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Trujay’s Integration Service is Now IntegrateHQ: Middleware Built Specifically for HubSpot
by Marketing


You might know Trujay as a migration and integration solution. Now it’s evolved into something even better. 


Trujay’s integration service is now IntegrateHQ, the first middleware built specifically for HubSpot.



Trujay vs. IntegrateHQ: What’s Different?


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If you have used Trujay’s integration service before, rest assured you’ll have the same high-quality experience with IntegrateHQ. The reason for our rebrand is to dedicate our integrations to our customers better. 


IntegrateHQ is only different from Trujay in what it offers: integration projects requiring ongoing data syncs, rather than one-time migration projects. 



IntegrateHQ: Background and Highlights


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Data integration can get complicated. Save yourself the energy by using an integration specialist who knows HubSpot better than any other.


IntegrateHQ connects any data or system to HubSpot directly, something no other company has ever done before. Being the first specific HubSpot middleware, we have expert-level experience and in-depth knowledge behind our HubSpot integration projects.


We’ve built IntegrateHQ to fit every kind of user. Whether you have little knowledge or an in-depth understanding, our middleware adapts to all technical experience levels.


Our integration background runs deep, as we’ve worked with Dell Boomi, Workato, and Bedrock Data. We have the well-rounded skills and expertise to execute any integration project to the highest degree.



IntegrateHQ: How does it Work?


We can connect anything, CRMs to CSVs, to HubSpot directly. IntegrateHQ automates the flow of data between systems. You define the data mapping and related logic to run according to your schedule. 


HubSpot CRM and IntegrateHQ


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HubSpot is packed with features. IntegrateHQ can supply the data required to maximize the value your HubSpot users get from those features. IntegrateHQ can create custom HubSpot Company, Contact, Deal, and Ticket properties and populate those properties with data from the quote system.


IntegrateHQ can create CRM timeline events (also known as HubSpot Engagement records) and link them to Company, Contact, Deal, and Ticket records.


Create your own HubSpot “CRM Extension” to display a custom quotes “CRM Card” with Contacts in the HubSpot UI. IntegrateHQ can collect and store quote data that is to be displayed on the CRM Card, and make it available for the HubSpot UI for viewing and analysis. 



Dynamic CMS Content


HubSpot’s HubDB is a powerful way to add dynamic content to your CMS pages. IntegrateHQ can populate your HubDB tables to ensure your customers are browsing your latest content.



Create More Powerful Workflows


HubSpot workflows are great for automating simple data flows that follow the IFTTT (If This Then That) paradigm. Sometimes you need a little more power – for example, with IntegrateHQ, you can also:


  • Perform computations across a set of records and use the results to update selected records based on logic you define
  • Carry summarized/categorized information from Deal Line Items up to parent Deal properties
  • Perform advanced date math (e.g., add number property value [Payment Grace Days] to date property [Payment Due Date] to determine if a payment is late)


…and much more.



Securely Share HubSpot Data


Just as bringing external data into HubSpot can improve the 360-degree view of your HubSpot enabled workforce, pushing data from HubSpot and back to your other critical business applications can improve the productivity of users of those applications. The deal closed-won? Let’s send it to the billing system.



NO Feature Tiers


At IntegrateHQ, the needs of Professional Services guru’s that choose to use our product come first – we strive to help them achieve hero status. We do this by ensuring they have the right tools to execute fast, with minimal fuss and no mess.


Have you ever been tasked with delivering a complex integration, having limited information regarding the integration’s requirements before project kick-off? Imagine learning during project kick-off that the tier of integration software quoted by your sales team & purchased by the customer lacks one feature vital to delivering the project.


We understand that (1) some integrations take longer to scope & set-up, (2) some require more support, (3) and some run for more minutes each day or process more data. 


It is reasonable to increase the customer’s set-up or monthly support charges in all three cases. It is not practical to require an increase in software licensing to gain access to a minor (but essential) feature that has been deliberately excluded from the product tier. That’s a form of crippleware!



IntegrateHQ Pricing 


With an annual license of $2,940, you’ll have support and maintenance that will keep your integration humming. Should you want to expand your processes for even more advanced features or connect different systems, we can provide a different scope for the effort.



IntegrateHQ’s Maximum Security System


secure access integratehq


IntegrateHQ is trusted to process and synchronize the data of companies worldwide securely – read about how we handle that data.



Data Privacy & GDPR


We are committed to protecting your Personal Data and respecting your privacy. The IntegrateHQ Privacy Policy details how we gather, use, disclose, and manage Personal Data. If you’re visiting us from the EU or Switzerland: we adhere to the Privacy Shield Principles.



Platform Security & Reliability


We take the security of our internal and external networks very seriously. Communication between our servers and your business applications/web browser is encrypted.


IntegrateHQ stores account information, user information and integration/connection configuration. If the integration is configured to do so, IntegrateHQ may also store integration-related data. In all cases, customer data is encrypted when stored (“encryption at rest”).



Data Storage and User Access


We do not store account payment (credit card) details, and our 3rd party payment processor holds that information. We keep logs and database backups for up to 1 month. We store details of deleted accounts/users for up to 2 months.


Each IntegrateHQ user requires their login credentials, and IntegrateHQ account administrators can authorize users to access that IntegrateHQ account. Our customer support team may only access your account if you explicitly allow access from your “Profile and Preferences” page.



IntegrateHQ: Additional Key Benefits 


No limits


We make the hard stuff simple, but if you need to go deep black-belt technical, we’ve got you covered with full access to JavaScript, NodeJS, and all that NPM offers.



So many connectors


We have connectors to leading Sales & Marking software applications.



Smart auto-complete


We automatically retrieve table & field names from your systems to connect data as simple as typing with auto-complete.



Rich documentation


We documented everything, so you can quickly build integrations that solve your unique challenges.





Have your technical team? They can use IntegrateHQ to craft your integrations. Or, if you prefer, we can help you out.



Free trial


We offer a free 14-day trial at the time of registration. 



Outstanding support


Get the best answers possible directly from the product’s developers within 24 hours (or faster).



Unlimited users


Add multiple users to your IntegrateHQ account at no extra charge. All users can support and manage your integrations.



IntegrateHQ: Our Experienced Team


Our SaaS product experts’ team delivers products and solutions that make Sales and Marketing teams all around the world more productive.


integratehq team



Final Word


IntegrateHQ is one of the most experienced and successful middlewares. Its caliber is proven through partnerships with top-shelf companies, including but not limited to Trujay, Rent Bridge, Rancho La Puerta, John Wood Community College, and Greenhouse ATS by UpWork. 


Check out the links above to read the customer success stories on how IntegrateHQ delivered results and exceeded its partners’ expectations. 


For more information on IntegrateHQ, visit or contact us. We’re excited to offer you the experience of an unmatched CRM data integration solution.