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Website Migration Made Easy
by Anastasiia Dyshkant

Running a website demands your undivided attention. To ensure its success, consider updating the content regularly and providing relevant (and factual) information to visitors. Keeping up with site maintenance can be daunting, so choosing the right CMS platform that provides you with an accessible toolbar to reduce your efforts is crucial for successful management.

But what If you selected the wrong CMS platform, or you have simply outgrown it and wish to make a switch? The options are simple: either build a new website or — better yet — migrate your material from the old CMS to the new one. 

While both options are time-consuming, rebuilding a large-scale website is a difficult task. Not-to-mention, losing the content carefully curated to build a website from scratch. Fortunately, there is a solution for fast and automated website migration.

What is Website Migration? 

website migration

CMS website migration moves site content from one content management system (CMS)  to another, usually due to switching platforms. But, this information transfer is only a small effort of the whole process, and it is typically one of the easiest. The transfer process can be automated, often reducing costs and downtown for the user.

First Signs for Website Migration Need

How do you know if you are ready for a change? A few common reasons  are listed below: 

    • Dissatisfaction with the current CMS due to issues with the loading speed;
    • Server downtime and lack of support; 
    • The inability of the existing CMS to handle increased traffic; 
    • Lack of functionality and customization; 
    • Failure to edit and manage the site on your own; 
  • The desire to switch from one type of website management to another.

But the number one sign indicative of change? It appears outdated or irrelevant to the user.

High viewing rates are vital: the more people visit your website, the more feedback you’ll get and the more SEO value you’ll gain. Add new content, finesse the style of the pages, add ease of functionality —  these are all things the can help your website appear fresh.

website migration

But, beyond these, there are two key things to consider:

  • Extension/Add-on Issues 

The foundation of any good site is extensions and add-ons. If your current platform provides you with unnecessary, incomplete, or buggy add-ons, it’s time to make a change. 

  • Profitability 

What’s the return on your investment? If you are spending money with an underperforming CRM, finding a CMS that best suits your requirements might time. Consider if you need an advanced platform with comprehensive solutions and cost-effective pricing, or if it’s a simple site with straightforward content, a basic set of functions will suffice. Then compare prices and services before committing. 

The Most Reliable Way to Move a Website


There is a common theme here: automated website migration is the best way to move content, save time, money, and effort. 

The CMS2CMS migration tool does not require a high level of technical expertise, it simply provides the connection to your site automatically. This website migration service allows you to preview the migration before being carried out through a free demo

website migration

What makes this so easy? A skilled team of web designers will carefully replicate your existing site design and customize it according to your needs. CMS2CMS also protects you in the event of an error. You can resume your data migration without having to pay another migration cost if you have migration insurance. Note, migration insurance ranges from 10% to 25% of the initial cost, allowing; you to restart the migration process up to five times up to 30 days. 

Feel that your current CMS platform limits your web project, SEO, design, and functionality? It might be time to check this automated website migration service and keep your peace of mind (and your profit) on schedule. 

The author of the guest post is Valentyna Tysiachna – marketing manager of CMS2CMS company.