What Is The Real Cost of Using Salesforce?

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What Is The Real Cost of Using Salesforce?
by Marketing

Choosing a CRM system can be challenging. With numerous options on the market, careful consideration before selection is key. One of the most critical factors, is the cost of the CRM, which can be misleading.


In addition to the “sticker price,” there are often hidden costs built into each CRM platform. 


These additional fees include customization, integration with other solutions, responsive optimization, and more. As a result, the user may end up paying almost twice as much as originally budgeted. Is the same standard true for Salesforce? Let’s take a look at the five limitations that may cost your company more than anticipated.



Data and File Storage Limits 


This one is key. Potentially the most expensive upgrade is data storage within the Salesforce platform. The platform comes with a limit of 1GB data storage and 10GB file storage per organization; and an additional 20MB (for Professional and Enterprise plans) or 120MB (for Performance and Unlimited) data storage and 100MB file storage per user.

 Additional storage space can be purchased from Salesforce and is available in blocks of 50 or 500MB, with a price estimate of $125/month for 500MB of additional data storage. Businesses can purchase file Storage for $5/month for 1GB. 

Considering this is not a one-time payment, data storage may cost more than your annual license.




Does Salesforce Cost Depend On Support?


Included with each subscription is something called the “Standard Success Plan.” The plan consists of online case submission, phone support, and a two-business-day response time.

 As an alternative upgrade, the Premier Success Plan offers 24/7 support, faster response times, and access to expanded training courses. The cost? An additional 20% of the license list price

This service also gives you access to a pool of Salesforce Certified Administrators who can configure and maintain your platform for an extra 10% of the license cost.




CRM Access via Mobile Devices



Salesforce does provide a free mobile service called Mobile Lite, which does not influence Salesforce pricing. However, it offers limited functionality and excludes vital features such as access to custom objects, configuration customization, etc.


The full version of Salesforce Mobile is free for Unlimited Edition customers; however, the upgrade will cost $50 per user/month for Professional and Enterprise plan clients.




API Call Limits



An API call limit determines the number of times the system can contact or send and receive information. With Salesforce, if users go over the maximum allowed number of calls, the options are either add more user licenses or upgrade all users to the most expensive Performance Edition.




Offline Access



It is essential to have all crucial customer relationship management information on the road, with no internet access, and Salesforce CRM  provides this offline access. The platform offers a “Briefcase” edition, free for Enterprise and Unlimited plan customers. 


The tool, however, has several limitations, including a lack of forecasts, cases, and reports. For businesses using Salesforce Professional, the cost is an additional $25 per user/month for the Offline Edition.


As one of the premier sales CRMS on the market, Salesforce hidden fees can climb up to thousands of dollars per month for a company with at least five users. As you consider a move to Salesforce, investigate additional fees and which features are needed to make this annual license work for you.  


Learn more about how to calculate Salesforce cost by visiting this link.



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