What's New: Migration Wizard Adds Features

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What's New: Migration Wizard Adds Features
by Marketing

Trujay’s Wizard makes self-service data migration simple with easy-to-use technology and a dedicated support team for even the most non-technical person. Now, that unique and easy-to-use tool just got a little better. Here’s the new features:


Mapping improvements 


    • Custom Fields List
      • Notes will sort in the custom fields list, and all fields that contain a message will be displayed first.
        • Unmapped fields popup allows users to filter by any notes entered. (Second image)
        • Drop-down options save as a separate CSV file. 
          • To download, hold ctrl or cmd keys and click on the unique values button in the corresponding field on the mapping. 
          • Unique values icon will change from list to CSV. (Third GIF)


Matching versions


The tool now allows users to switch between matching versions, apply the proper records matching, view matching history, and work with essential versions. This is similar to mapping versions. Users will see a new section version (first image), which opens a new popup with matching versions. (second image). Users will then see a complete list of matching versions where the current version is marked and highlighted with a dark blue border.

Each version contains: 

    • Selection icon
    • Created At date
    • Important/Base icon
    • Version title and description 
    • Version author info (name and email)


To view a specific version, click on the appropriate row. After which, users will switch back to matching with version row, indicating users are viewing a particular version of matching (see screenshot).  In this row, users can use this version by clicking the USE THIS VERSION button. Once clicked, matching will switch to this version. You can also prioritize each version by clicking the star icon. 



The matching version also provides a new feature – highlighting new records. If new entries appear after the upgrade, they display a blue new tag on the source side and in target drop-downs  (screenshot below). Records are sorted based on this tag, with new records displayed first. The label will be displayed until you make changes.


Mapping Legend 


Users can read about mapping icons, actions, and more in documentation hidden by map icons. 


    •  Wizard: small bookmark 
    • Separate mapping page: button in header (see screenshot)


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