Working in the Coronavirus World - Top Tools to Stay Productive

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Working in the Coronavirus World - Top Tools to Stay Productive
by Anastasiia Dyshkant

When most of your employees work from home, it can be a challenge to keep their productivity levels up. 


With countless distractions in the improvised home offices, anxieties about the pandemic state, and changed work-life balance, your employees need to work harder and smarter to ensure the utmost efficiency in the workplace. 


The best way to help them keep your company running smoothly is by investing in advanced tools and software designed to optimize workflows. 


A simple solution such as a quiz maker can take your team’s productivity levels up a few notches. It’s ideal for enhancing your employee training, assessing performance, and identifying skill gaps within your company. 


A quiz maker can even help you improve your marketing and lead generation efforts, but only if it’s a high-quality solution with advanced features. 


Take a look at the best-in-class online quiz makers that will keep your productivity at an all-time high. 



ProProfs Quiz Maker 

ProProfs is more than a quiz maker – it’s an advanced learning management system (LMS) used by thousands of global corporate and educational institutions.  


It’s packed with an abundance of features that allow you to customize every aspect of your quiz fully, whether you’re creating knowledge tests, skill assessment tests, or fun lead generation quizzes. 


ProProfs has a vast library of 100k+ editable questions and ready-made tests that enable you to create a quiz within seconds.


Alternatively, you can start the entire process from scratch and develop your unique quiz that perfectly suits your needs. 


Thanks to the quiz maker’s intuitive, user-friendly features, you’ll encounter virtually no learning curve. You don’t need coding skills or any previous quiz-creation knowledge to enjoy using ProProfs. 


You’ll get automated grading, excellent security configurations, instant feedback during the quiz, cheating prevention, dozens of question types, and detailed reports and analytics that give insight into individual and group performance. 




powerful quiz maker

Businesses mainly use TryInteract for lead generation to effectively engage audiences and drive website traffic. 


However, the tool has every feature you may need to boost performance and increase engagement in the workplace. 


You can quickly develop personality quizzes, scored quizzes, and assessment tests in record time. TryInteract allows for creating any question type, and you can add any media to increase the quiz’s interactivity. 


Add your branding, customize the questions and answers, automate grading and scoring, and enjoy insightful analytics. 


As mentioned, lead generation is TryInteract’s strongest suit, so it has an abundance of integrations to make the entire process more streamlined. 




Typeform specializes in form building and online surveys, but it has a robust quiz maker with abundant templates, customization options, and features. 


Within a few clicks, you can customize your quiz, add images, GIFs, and videos, and make every question engaging and interactive. 


You can ensure that your quizzes match your branding to a tee using various fonts, backgrounds, and themes. 


You’ll even receive insightful yet straightforward analytics that can help you better understand what type of productivity problems your employees are struggling with. 


While it’s not the most sophisticated quiz maker, Typeform is very effective, bringing as much value to you as to your employees. 




powerful quiz maker

GoConqr is a social learning platform with millions of members worldwide. It has everything you need to enhance the learning experience – virtual flashcards, mind maps, notes, and, of course, quizzes. 


It boasts a vast library of over 25 million resources you can use, so whether you’re doing compliance training or testing your employees’ math skills, GOConqr will have you covered. 


You can use any question type, even picture labeling questions, enable instant feedback, and provide thorough explanations on why a particular answer is right or wrong. 


GOConqr has automatic grading and detailed analytics and reports that’ll keep you updated on your employees’ performance like any other good quiz maker. 




powerful quiz maker

BrandQuiz is just as useful for employee training as it is for lead generation. It features excellent customization options that enable you to use quizzes to spread your brand awareness. 


You can easily add your logo, quotes, or relevant brand imagery that’ll make your quizzes instantly recognizable. 


The drag-and-drop option allows you to create full-blown quizzes in an instant, even if you have no previous experience with online quiz makers. 


A free version is available if you want to test BrandQuiz out, but you’ll need to upgrade if you wish to access all its features. 




powerful quiz maker

ClassMarker is one of the most popular online quiz makers in schools and educational institutions. However, it’s still valuable in corporate settings and employee training courses. 


It boasts all the essential features that’ll help you create a quiz with ease – multiple question types, audio and video answers, randomized question branching, time limits, automatic grading, and more. 


One of the most significant benefits of ClassMarker is that it allows you to test thousands of employees (or students) simultaneously, making this tool ideal for larger companies. 




powerful quiz maker

As its name would suggest, LeadQuizzes is designed as lead generation software, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t help you improve productivity in the workplace. 


Use one of its 75+ customizable templates to create engaging surveys and quizzes. Add image-based questions, embed all media types, activate logic branching based on previous answers, and more. 


LeadQuizzes has an abundance of integrations, so you should be able to make use of it regardless of your current systems and software. 



Thrive Quiz Builder 

powerful quiz maker

Unlike most quiz makers mentioned on this list that come as independent downloadable or web-based solutions, Thrive Quiz Builder is just a simple WordPress plugin. That doesn’t make it any less valuable, however. 


It has a user-friendly design that will all but eliminate the learning curve that comes with similar software.


It has a helpful setup wizard that’ll guide you through the quiz creation process and an excellent troubleshooter that’ll help you solve any issues that may arise. 


All the basic features are there – different question types, multimedia support, customization options – but it’s the reporting and analytics that set apart Thrive Quiz Builder. 


You’ll have clear insight into your test-takers performance with a single glance at your dashboard. 



Final Thoughts 


With the help of a robust quiz maker, you can keep an eye on your employees’ performance, engagement, and productivity whether they’re in the office or working from home. 


So, be sure to test out these different quiz makers, find the one that suits your needs best, and start creating quizzes that make a difference. 



Author Bio

Angela White is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing for the consumer market in product research and marketing using quizzes and surveys. Having a knack for writing and an editorial mindset, she is an expert researcher at a brand known for creating delightfully innovative tools such as ProProfs Quiz Maker.